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Transform Your Pain to Step Into Your Power

Do you look in the mirror and KNOW that you’re beautiful?
Do you SEE the TRUTH of who you are underneath the stretch marks, extra skin, and other perfect imperfections?
Or…do you judge yourself and depend on others to validate your beauty and give you permission to love your body and yourself?So many girls seek outside validation to feel their enoughness and later become women who continue to do the same. This lack of being enough shows up in many different forms throughout our lives.In my life, my lack of enoughness showed up as disordered eating at a young age that was exacerbated by a swim coach who critiqued my growing prepubescent body.As a teen, I’d walk by mirrors during the day and I’d stop to slightly lift up my shirt, gaze at my stomach, and offer a look of disgust—even though others thought differently of me.I’d starve my growing body so the scale would offer the validation I sought and my swim coach would be proud of me for losing the weight that quite frankly, I didn’t need to lose.

I judged others who were thinner than me, who loved their bodies, and appeared to feel self-confident.

Later, this lack of enoughness showed up in my various drunken encounters, my horrible choices in men, and the use of my body (that I hated) to get the attention and love I wanted from these disrespectful men!

I was completely disconnected from my power.

I was disconnected from my truth.

I was disconnected from my voice.

I was disconnected from my body.

I was disconnected from my heart.

I was disconnected from my soul.

I was disconnected from my spiritual self.

When we are disconnected from our essence and our essential selves, THAT is when we live in shame, self-judgment, and anxiety. That is when we live passionless, chaotic, and stagnant lives.

That’s when we look outside ourselves for signs of our own worth.
Do you see yourself in my story? Have you felt this way in the past?
Maybe you’re still struggling with these issues today.
By seeking out skilled mentors and counselors to help me heal emotionally, mentally, energetically, and most importantly—transform spiritually, I have reconnected to my essential self.
I am no longer defined by my body.
I KNOW that I am beautiful, but that my beauty TRULY comes from within and SHINES outward ONLY when I’m spiritually connected and standing in my power!It’s time to come home to YOURSELF.
It’s time to RECEIVE love, appreciation, abundance, and prosperity.
It’s time to STOP looking outside yourself for your enoughness and worth.It’s time to OWN your power and your beauty.
It’s time to STOP competing with other women and instead, hold each other UP.
It’s time to realize when you see ONE woman OWNING her POWER and BEAUTY, she is reflecting the BEAUTY and POSSIBILITIES WITHIN YOU.Are you ready to make a change? What are YOU willing to do to step out of your pain and trauma and step into YOUR power? It’s time for us to rise up as women, come together, and courageously create life on your own terms!
With Love and Consciousness,


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