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Private Half-Day Retreats

Be the Woman You Want Your Daughter to Become™
Woman Rising Private Half-Day Retreat (Online or In-person-Austin, TX)

It’s time to rise up and Be the Woman You Want Your Daughter to Become™!

It is time to take a stand for yourself, your worth, your daughter, and your grandchildren or future grandchildren.
It is time to break the chains of old childhood pain or trauma that you’re still carrying so your daughter doesn’t have to continue the same cycle you’re in.
It is time to release old patterns, heal deeply, shift your mindset, and feel more connected to yourself and your daughter so YOU can have a better life and relationships that pave the way for her!

This offering consists of a half-day (4 hours) with Dawn, where we will release blocks, heal trauma, and begin to embody pleasure and your desires. You will leave with practical tools and practices to use in your daily life as well as healing and new insight into your life and relationship.
We will meet at a yoga studio if meeting in Austin, TX. If you live out of town, you can fly in to meet in-person, or we will create sacred space via video conferencing.

For more information, contact Dawn: dawnatdawnkgibsondotcom
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