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Magically Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Magical Manifestation can sound like a loaded phrase. OK, so maybe it’s not magic…or maybe it is!

Some people believe that if you just sit and think about what you want, then it will come.
Others believe manifestation is too “woo-woo” and doesn’t work, or that you have to work HARD for what you want.

Although I don’t believe it has to be hard work, I do believe that it’s also important to recognize what resonates and feels aligned for you, follow your process, take action, and allow all that you desire to flow into your life as well.

This process can truly be filled with ease and flow.

Just like you, I create my own reality. I may not have believed it when things weren’t going well or when I thought things were “happening to me,” but today I realize that even back then, that was the truth.

When you focus on the things in your life that suck, you get more suckiness (I used to live here).
When you focus on the things that feel good, expansive, and desirable, then THAT is what you get back (this is where I live now–most days).
Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

It wasn’t until last year, that I realized how fast I truly manifest what I desire into physical form.
The observation that I was a quick manifesting goddess was reflected back to me by fellow Be GREAT speaker, Lindsay Pera, who I respect and admire.
After looking back on my life, I realized she was absolutely right. I also recognized is that fast manifestation can be tricky–and it can go either way–so do your best not to stay stuck in the muck.

I posed some questions to myself about my “magical manifestation powers” and what steps I usually take to get there.

Here are few examples of what I’ve INTENTIONALLY created in my life over the years:

  • Getting pregnant third child
  • Obtaining financial freedom more than once
  • Creating emotional connection in my marriage after many years of wondering if we’d even make it
  • Receiving two solid offers on our house before it went on the market
  • Quickly selling our home at a higher rate per square footage than any other in the neighborhood—before it went on the market + while we were still in the middle of a remodel. I even manifested the family of four who bought it
  • Qualifying for Jr. Nationals Swimming Championship in high school and placing in the top three at State in Texas

I could go on and on (and I can give several examples of what I’ve created that did NOT feel good to me) but I will stop now!

So…how do I manifest so quickly, you ask?

The following is my step-by-step process. Take them, leave them, or create your own

  • Take Personal Responsibility

    Take personal responsibility for yourself and your life. Don’t blame others or stay in the victim role or victim mentality for too long. I used to blame everyone for my problems. I lived in powerlessness and I couldn’t see how I created my own reality.

    This kept me stuck for years.
    Because I finally made a conscious choice to heal, I am in a much better place today. I did my own work, became more self-aware, healed trauma, and shifted old patterns that I don’t want to carry on or pass down to my children. I invite you to do the same!

  • Believe in Yourself!

    First and foremost, you have to believe that you can truly have what you want out of life! This is so important.
    If you believe you can have __________ in your life, then it WILL happen. Fake it til you make it if you have to.

  • Get Clear

    Take the time to do a brain dump in your journal to clear your mind and your energy. Get up and move your body–allow your hips to lead the way with hip circles, figure 8s, or sensual movement.

    After moving your body, pull out your Oracle cards, guided meditation or visualization and tune into Spirit and your intuition.

  • Be Specific

    This can be a tricky one. I personally like to get super specific, but I’ve also realized that it pays to be flexible as well!
    Sometimes you can get SO caught up in what you believe the “result” should look like that you miss out on the bigger version of what is being created right in front of you. 

    Call in your angels, guides, and higher self, light a candle, spray some rose oil and sink into your intention. What does it look, feel, taste, and smell like? Get as specific as possible and notice where you feel it in your physical body.
    Once you sit with this for a bit, then write them down and view them periodically when you feel called.

    For example, I knew I wanted a third child and my husband did not. I didn’t know how or when it would happen (ok, I knew HOW it would happen…) but I was CERTAIN it would. I felt her wanting to be born. I called her energy into my safe womb each night and FELT her until she came into existence. 

  • Create a Physical Representation of Your Intention

    I LOVE vision boards and altars!! I have tons of vision boards and a few altars in my home and they REALLY work for me.
    If that’s not your thing, find what works for you. When you feel aligned with your own process, the magic will begin.

    Play a bit with stones, altars, photos, collages, affirmations, journaling, art, or drawing on your mirrors. It doesn’t matter HOW you do it, just do it, then put it somewhere you can see it daily—or even multiple times per day.

  • Visualize, Visualize, Visualize

    When I was young girl, my dad taught me the power of visualization and positive mindset. When I was a competitive swimmer this practice was reinforced by my coaches and sports psychologists. That’s when I learned how powerful this action TRULY is.

    Once you’ve created your physical representation of your intentions, take time to visualize the the process and the outcome.
    I invite you to voice record the process and listen to it when you lie down for bed at night or before you step foot out of bed in the morning.

    No need to do it daily, just whenever you feel called.

  • FEEL it in Your Body and Emotions

    When you visualize what you want, feel what it feels like to go through the process and receive the gifts of your intentions. Do you feel joyful? Happy? Light? Courageous? Stay with those feelings.

    Next, tune into your physical body and notice the PHYSICAL sensations you feel and where you feel them.
    Does your heart feel open? Is there lightness in your shoulders? Do you feel joyful? WHERE do you feel this? In your heart? Stomach? Pelvis? Throat?

    Stay with this feeling and revisit this place whenever you feel called.
    Your body will remember these feelings and sensations as if they have already happened.

  • Use Affirmations and EFT

    I love using affirmations. I post them on my vision board, write them on my bathroom mirrors, and type them into my Intention Reminder app on my phone. When you write your affirmations, always use the present tense.

    Instead of writing, “I will feel peaceful in my life.”
    I invite you to write, “I am peaceful within my life and relationships.”
    Of course you can always get even more specific if that floats your boat.

    EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) can be great for releasing and unblocking emotions and beliefs that keep you stuck in life, as well as inviting in all that you desire.
    I like Margaret Lynch’s EFT youtube videos. They’ve been very helpful. Once you get into the tapping routine, you’ll see that you can use it to create or release anything.

  • Pay Attention!

    Pay attention to the world, people, and opportunities around you. I didn’t enjoy my last home and I had wanted to sell it for a while. However, I (thought) I knew it was not the right time. I told my husband that I’d stay for 2 more years if we remodeled.

    Around that time, I was browsing a real-estate site out of curiosity. After a few minutes, I had to sign-in to continue looking–which I usually wouldn’t do, but I did. I quickly received a call and email from a realtor and decided to meet with her.

    She happened to be a Reiki Master in her past life! Longer story short, within 3 weeks, my home was remodeled and sold before going on the market.
    At the outset, I’d told her that I wanted multiple offers before it went on the market, I wanted full price, and I felt that a family with two young children would move in. That is exactly what happened.

  • Meditate

    Create time to allow space for spiritual guidance, connection, and communication, even if only for 5 minutes per day. All of us need the quiet time to hear the messages from the Divine.

    You might be surprised at what messages come to you when your mind isn’t chattering at 100 miles per minute!


    THIS one is the trickiest step and the most important one.
    As moms and women, you do so much for others and you rarely ask for support from anyone else. How often to you feel open to receiving what you desire?

    Your desires are put on the back burner more often than not, while you take care of everyone else’s needs!
    Sit down in a comfortable chair, sink down into it and SPREAD YOUR LEGS. Receive. Receive. Receive.

    I also visualize my heart opening in the front and back with a beautiful bright light that flows out into the world and and back into my heart from the world as well.

    I don’t use all of these steps every time I’m ready to manifest magic into my life. Sometimes it’s as simple as speaking it to others to bring it into physical form.

    What about you? What feels aligned for you? How do YOU manifest your desires into reality?

    Please comment below!

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