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How to Find Strength Through Cancer, Miscarriages and Other Life Challenges

Have you ever been faced with a life changing situation that caused you to reevaluate everything in your life? Did it break you or make you stronger? Maybe a little bit of both?

As a mom, society tells you are “strong” when you can “do it all” with little to no support–when  you are Supermom.

So many of my clients and other women I know TRULY struggle with reaching out when things get tough. You may look at your mom and wonder how she did it all. You might be reading too many Facebook feeds of women who seem to “have it all together” when the reality of their lives is that they struggle, too.

Lynne Newman is my guest today and she is a phenomenal, powerful, grounded, and feminine woman who is redefining what being a strong woman means for all of us. Lynne has been through SO much, from miscarriages, to being married to the man she loves as he lives with Stage IV cancer. She has so much wisdom to share with all of us about embracing life now and moving through the challenges that life shows us, as we grow, transform, and recalibrate.

Don’t miss this one! Grab your cup of tea, get settled in, and be inspired.

Click the image below to watch. Audio is also available below.

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