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Women’s Circle

Be the Woman You Want Your Daughter to Become™
A Divine Feminine Motherhood Journey for Moms with Daughters

Next 6-week collective journey (THIS GROUP IS FULL-waitlist available-email Dawnatdawnkgibsondotcom)

Is this you?

You know you have blocks keeping you from fully embracing the life and relationships you want, but you’re not quite sure how to release them. You have some idea of what you desire, but you’re not sure how to access what you want.

There’s no time for self-care or for your desires.
You feel like you have to be perfect and you’re afraid of being judged by others.
You struggle with worry or anxiety.
You are tired of feeling irritable and angry.
You feel disconnected from yourself and those you love.
You don’t feel like you are enough as you are and you don’t value yourself.
There’s no time for YOU.
You’ve been taking care of your husband or partner, co-workers, family, boss, or your kids, but you are last on the totem pole in your life.
As a result, you’re experiencing a range of feelings including sadness, anger, shame, fear, guilt, overwhelm, or stress.

You crave more connection to self, children, partners, and/or spiritually.
You want to feel more confident and bold in your life and relationships.
You want to feel calm and happy.
You want to love and accept yourself.
You want a life filled with ease, flow, and connection.
You want to let go of perfectionism so you can trust yourself, your decisions, and your intuition, but you don’t because you’re afraid you will do “it” wrong.

Your life may look something like this:

You wake up, make breakfast, then run your errands or go to work. Yawn.

You pick-up the kids (if you’re a mom), make dinner, go through the bedtime routine, then either pass out from exhaustion or plop down in front of the TV to flip channels. Stress.

You have a running list in your head of tasks to complete and decisions to make, and you worry a lot.
You are stuck in the mind chatter that is non-stop (and not very nice to you!).
You also tend to feel the need to control the situations (and sometimes people) around you, but you don’t necessarily want to be that way (this goes hand-in-hand with worriers).
You live in your head and you’re disconnected from your body.

You are bored, passionless, angry, sad, or scared and  living a masculine go-go-go lifestyle but you’re craving something MORE!

I know you because I WAS you!
Screaming Dawn Headshot

I was the one with kids and a husband, going through the motions, living in worry, and feeling disconnected from my body, sensuality, passion, spiritual self, intuition, husband, and at one point–my kids. I was also a control freak to the max.

I knew there HAD to be more to life than the way I was living.
I craved deeper authentic friendships, deeper relationships with my husband and children, and a deeper spiritual connection with myself and my sensuality.
I was so stuck in my head that I couldn’t see the path I desired right in front of me.

I couldn’t see the beauty within me or around me.

I couldn’t see the power that I had to dig deep into the depths of who I TRULY am, then live authentically and out loud as I transformed and created the calm, sensual, connected, and Divine feminine happy life that I wanted.

All I could see were the things I was doing “wrong.” I thought I was damaging my children, I didn’t have enough time, I didn’t have enough support, I didn’t have enough money, I didn’t have enough….and I wasn’t enough.

I’m happy to say that I am no longer in that place. I got help from my own mentor, then I surrounded myself with other high vibrational like-minded women. I feel so much gratitude for all that I have and all that I am.

dsc_8851-editI mustered up the courage to heal my own trauma and you can, too.
I have transformed from overwhelmed to grounded, you can, too.
I have manifested everything I’ve desired and believed I could manifest at this point in my life and you can, too!
I have transformed from a constant worrier to a woman who trusts her intuition.
I no longer struggle to find my purpose…I found it.
I no longer stay quiet. Now, I speak my truth and set boundaries in hard situations.
I have transformed from self-loathing to self-loving.

The best part of healing the past is that I am now shining my light into the world and I KNOW that I’m an amazing woman, mother, and friend, and the best wife I know I can be. YOU can have that, too!

Does this mean that my life is perfect?? NO!! However, it is pretty damn good! My lows are no longer SUPER LOW and long-lasting and my HIGHS are much much HIGHER and longer lasting.

Imagine living a life of ease, connection, passion, and joy. Imagine feeling connected to yourself and your body on such a deep level that you truly understand who you are AND you feel lit up from the inside. Imagine having a harmonious life and relationships! Imagine looking in the mirror and LOVING the woman you see in the reflection.

You have the power to heal patterns you don’t want to pass down to your daughter. You have the power to release pain that no longer serves you. You have the power to manifest what you want in your life. I know this to be true because I’ve experienced it and the Hundreds of women and Girls I’ve worked with over the years have as well.

You were born into the world beautiful, sparkly, and whole, but over the years, your essence and light were dimmed.
They were dimmed by the ones who loved you most through old stories that were passed down to you and expectations that were placed onto you and were not your own.
No matter how functional and amazing your parents were, this was inevitable and has happened to all of us.

You are MORE than a wife, partner, employee, sister, daughter, or mother.
You are YOU. You are a woman.

You are enough as you are!!

If you are ready to…

  • Feel calm and grounded in the midst of busyness or chaos

  • Release fear, grief, anger, or childhood and adult wounds that no longer serve you

  • Awaken your divine feminine power, sensuality, and pleasure

  • Release fear, anger, sadness and old stories that have been holding you back in your life and relationships

  • Create new healthy patterns and ways of thinking, feeling, and acting

  • Break unhealthy generational patterns you don’t want to pass down to your daughter

  • Speak your truth in hard situations

  • Quit going it alone–instead, reach out for support from me and other women who GET you and your struggles

  • Get in touch with the more feminine, sensual, and passionate parts of yourself and learn to balance your ability to give and receive

…then it’s time to join this intimate women’s group!

Right now, you may be feeling fear, anger, shame, sadness, or guilt. Or you may simply be yearning for more as a WOMAN—separate from those you love. You may not believe that you can get out of this rut and live a calm, connected, passionate, supported, and ease-filled life.
I’m here to tell you that you CAN! I will help you if you have the courage to commit to YOU!

Montecito Mystics Circle edited

But first…Check Out what our time together will Include over the course of the 6-Week women’s circle…

  • 60-90 minute weekly in-person GROUP sessions in Austin, TX at Soma Vida (TIME TBD)

  • Sacred time each week to explore and heal through body-centered, energetic, and divine feminine dance practices

  • Releasing, receiving, Connection, and time to be seen and heard by other women who can relate to your struggles

  • Learn Mindfulness, body-centering, and spiritual practices to help you get to the core of your unconscious emotional issues that keep you stuck in life and relationships (you know, the problems you keep having over and over!)

  • Guided visualizations created for the group based on Issues arising

  • Practices to assist you in transforming or transmuting the heavy feelings you’re carrying into lighter ones

  • Divine feminine dance integrated into our weekly meetings to help you connect more deeply to your body, emotions, desires, womanly self, and soul

  • journaling exercises to explore limiting beliefs, old stories, what you desire to release, and more

  • My vast knowledge, education, 17 years of professional experience, and intuitive insights to help you Individually and as a group

  • Gratitude Ceremony

  • Rituals, sacred experiences, and self-care practices integrated into the group and your lives to call in what you desire

If you desire to heal and make big changes in your life and relationships AND you are ready to commit to yourSELF, join us! Space is limited.

It’s time to quit going it alone.
It’s time to allow support into your life.
It’s time to put yourSELF first so you can Be the woman you want your daughter to become™.

If you are ready to jump in, please:
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Be the Woman You Want Your Daughter to Become™
A Divine Feminine Motherhood Journey for Moms with Daughters

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If you aren’t sure this group is for you, then let’s hop on the phone and explore.Contact me to schedule your 15-minute complimentary appointment to make sure we are a good fit for one another!