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Dawn’s Signature System

The Sacred Body Wisdom Signature System

The work that I do is powerful and DEEPLY healing when we are the right fit.
As a result of healing, I help you step into the truth of who you are and shine YOUR light into the world. Witnessing a woman claim her birthright to Divine Feminine Power is magical and a blessing to see. When you reclaim this part of yourself, you can truly create the life and relationships you desire!

I have over 16 years of experience in the mental health field and as a former psychotherapist. I am still a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas and I currently serve clients as a Somatic Psychospiritual Counselor.

I integrate my personal and professional training and experience in the following to offer the most effective and powerful practices to help you:

  • Body-centered psychotherapy/somatic practices

  • Powerful Divine Feminine Dance practices (including Qoya)

  • Energetic teachings

  • Mindset Shifting and Mindfulness

  • Emotional healing of childhood trauma

  • Releasing unconscious emotions and patterns

  • Guided visualizations

  • Spiritual Counseling and Teaching

  • Rituals, Ceremony, Oracle Cards

  • Best Self-Care Practices

If you’re ready to…

  • Release the Past

  • Awaken Your Divine Feminine Power

  • Align yourSELF with Your Soul

  • Ignite Your Sensuality, Passion, Creativity, and Desire

  • Impact Your Loved Ones, Your Community, the World, and Future Generations

….then it’s time to explore working with me! Contact me directly for your 20-minute complimentary Sacred Wisdom Session to see if we resonate with one another!

  • Confidence Boost

Shift Negative Energy & Emotions INSTANTLY with Two Simple and Powerful Mind-Body Practices