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Childbirth, Postpartum Care, Birth Trauma, and You

Do you ever wonder how other parts of the world care for moms and babies compared to the U.S.A.? Have you ever considered that we can make a change in our system together, one birth at a time?

Today’s CPC: Conversations that Connect episode is with a powerhouse and amazing woman, Camalo Gaskin, who has set out to do just that. She is a powerhouse and wealth of knowledge who has personally worked with birth pioneer, Dr. Michel Odent. She currently lives in Germany, where moms and babies are treated with the nurturing care that we ALL deserve. During out talk, we also address topics of home birth, VBACs, birth trauma, and more.

Right on cue, we had a couple of visitors to join us during this important conversation!

Grab a cup of tea and set aside this time for YOU to educate yourself, feel supported, or to see how YOU can make an impact in the world and transform the legacy of childbirth.



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