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Nutrition, Real Food, and Body Acceptance

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!If your life is anything like mine, you are the carpooler, chef, teacher, housekeeper, business owner, home organizer, nurse, and more for your family! It’s SO easy to grab the chips, cookies, or bars on the go, rather than make nutritious snacks withContinue Reading

How to Break Generational Cycles and Give Your Children the Lives They Deserve

Ahhhh!!! I’m SO excited about the episode today that I can barely contain myself! As a conscious mom, I really think a lot about how I treat my kids, what I say to them, and how I impact them on a daily basis. Some days I suck. Most days I’m pretty damn amazing. No matter what kind of day I am having, I am sometimes painfully aware that I’m passing unconscious patterns down to my own children (and making massive changes as well). This very topic is NEAR AND DEAR to my heart! I LOVE to help moms break dysfunctional patterns that have been passed down for generations. In your parent-child relationship (and your partner relationships), you continuously play out the SAMEContinue Reading

How to Get Out of a Bad Mood

Wowza! What a week it was for me last week. Talk about irritability and communication breakdowns. I’d been moving along, relaxed, calm, and centered in my life, then BOOM! Last week something took over me and I just couldn’t shake it. My irritability affected my outlook on life, my parenting, and my relationship with myContinue Reading

THE Best Self-Care Tip…EVER!

I hope you had the chance to watch the episode from last week because it was a wonderful conversation about self-care, along with suggestions on how to create more time for yourself. Today’s episode offer a simple, yet challenging tip for you. This ONE thing has CHANGED MY LIFE. Don’t worry! It doesn’t exert energyContinue Reading

Not Your Average Self-Care Conversation, Tips, and Rituals for Moms

I know I know…self-care schmelf-care, right? SO many people are talking about self-care these days (for GOOD reasons). Taking care of yourself sounds great in theory but who REALLY has the time? I mean with driving your kids to school, making lunches and dinner, organizing the house, cleaning the house, and working outside the home,Continue Reading

Tips to Empower Your Child to Talk to “Mean” Friends

Does your child have a friend that you just wish would go away? You know that one…the one that says mean things to her, leaves him out when playing with others, or turns others against her. Well, unfortunately one of my children did have THAT friend in 1st grade and it was painful to watchContinue Reading

How to Raise Spiritual Children (when you don’t follow organized religion)

There are some things you may not know about me, but the cat is out of the bag, now (see video)! I was raised Catholic but even as a child, I never subscribed to their belief system. I have nothing against Catholicism or any other organized religion for that matter. Many people I love go to Church every week and I respect them and their beliefs. You see, I believe that having faith in something can help you through the hardest of times and I struggled for years to find mine. I AM a spiritual woman. I meditate, I’ve been reading Oracle cards for myself for over 20 years, I have a special altar in my bedroom with Goddesses, rocks, and meaningful objects placed upon a beautiful silk scarf, and I attend women’s circles, fire ceremonies, and full moon gatherings when I feel called. As I’ve raised my own kids, I’ve thought a lot about what values I want to instill in them and how I can help them believe in the greater good within themselves. I have no interest in attending or taking them to church, but if they ever ask to go, I will certainly allow them to explore this option and their own belief systems. I want my kids to believe in themselves, in love, intuition, and in power of the mind. I used to wonder what other spiritual women (who were not part of organized religion) did to incorporate spirituality into their own children’s lives. And now I know…because I’m  one of them. Years ago, I began doing my own version of this and it is working very well for our family! Today’s video is very vulnerable for me as I take you into my family’s spiritual life. Maybe you’ve been wondering how you can raise spiritual children, too, or you just need a few new ideas to incorporate positivity into their lives. Lindsay Pera is an amazing Mystic, colleague, and friend of mine. We spent some time chatting about the different rituals and the little things we do to raise consciousness within our own children. Enjoy! Please comment at the end of the video because I’d love to know what YOU do as well!Continue Reading

Powerless to Empowered

This week has been a week of emotional ups and downs. If the earth had collected all of my tears throughout this week, a new ocean would have been created. That may sound dramatic and I am WELL aware that there are MUCH worse things happening in the world around me today, AND I will stillContinue Reading

10 Ways to Raise Your Confident Daughter

This post was first seen on 1. Look Within—if It’s the Only Thing You Do! As a mom, you are your daughter’s #1 role model and an example of what a woman is supposed to look, act, and sound like. She is not only watching you, but she’s sensing you as well. From the firstContinue Reading

Protected: Anne’s Plan

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