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Author Archives: dawnkgibson

School Dress Codes & Body-Shame

Photo Credit: Jan Vasek As I continue to work with girls and visit new schools for my own children, dress codes have been on my mind lately. Why is it that there are dress codes for the girls, but little to NONE for boys? Why is it that in middle through high school, girls areContinue Reading

Warrior Girl Wednesday: Sacred NO!

Today’s video blog is about when to say no, what to say no to, and how to determine what YOUR “YES” is! At the end of the video, I offer a practice that I have used in the past and that I teach to clients to help you make big and little decisions! Please commentContinue Reading

Sex: Do you know how to talk to your daughter about it?

There. I said it! The dreaded “S” word that so many moms (and dads) fear when it’s in the same sentence with “your daughter!” Although this could have also been titled, “How to get your daughter comfortable with her body.” You have no idea how many moms I’ve spoken with recently who really struggle withContinue Reading

Transform Your Pain to Step Into Your Power

Do you look in the mirror and KNOW that you’re beautiful? Do you SEE the TRUTH of who you are underneath the stretch marks, extra skin, and other perfect imperfections? Or…do you judge yourself and depend on others to validate your beauty and give you permission to love your body and yourself?So many girls seekContinue Reading

Magically Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Magical Manifestation can sound like a loaded phrase. OK, so maybe it’s not magic…or maybe it is! Some people believe that if you just sit and think about what you want, then it will come. Others believe manifestation is too “woo-woo” and doesn’t work, or that you have to work HARD for what you want.Continue Reading

How to Find Strength Through Cancer, Miscarriages and Other Life Challenges

Have you ever been faced with a life changing situation that caused you to reevaluate everything in your life? Did it break you or make you stronger? Maybe a little bit of both? As a mom, society tells you are “strong” when you can “do it all” with little to no support–when  you are Supermom. So manyContinue Reading

Let Go of Control and Live Your Life with Courage

Do you consider yourself the type of woman who has to control most aspects of your life? Do you live in fear, worry, or overwhelm most of the time? If you are ready to learn to let go and to find the courage to live the life you are meant to live (without waiting forContinue Reading

Help Your Children Heal and Balance the Chakra System

Does your child have asthma? Is she super sensitive? Maybe she is a bit out of whack, but you can’t really put your finger on what’s going on with her. Let’s talk Chakras! I love talking about and learning about the energy systems in the body. Some consider this to be an airy-fairy topic, but I assureContinue Reading

3 Simple Techniques to Reconnect with Your Husband or Partner

Do you feel resentful, angry, shut down, sad or lonely in your marriage? Are you ready to make a change or considering walking out the door? If so, this episode is for YOU. I get it because I have been there! I felt like I was a warm body, taking care of my children, keeping the household running,Continue Reading

Childbirth, Postpartum Care, Birth Trauma, and You

Do you ever wonder how other parts of the world care for moms and babies compared to the U.S.A.? Have you ever considered that we can make a change in our system together, one birth at a time? Today’s CPC: Conversations that Connect episode is with a powerhouse and amazing woman, Camalo Gaskin, who has setContinue Reading

Shift Negative Energy & Emotions INSTANTLY with Two Simple and Powerful Mind-Body Practices