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Dawn has two main missions in her career.

One is to help you BE the woman you want your daughter to become™ by guiding you to heal generational patterns and trauma you don’t want to pass down to your daughter.

The second one is to help your daughter step into her light, power, and voice, so she can stay true to herself and make an impact in the world as a confident, powerful, and compassionate female leader.

Dawn facilitates both of her missions through retreats, speaking engagements, school programs, private sessions and three groups I founded…

  • Divine Feminine Motherhood

  • Warrior Girls Rising™

  • Warrior Women Rising™

I know you.

You are overwhelmed in your life and you don’t feel grounded. You’re being pulled in 100 different directions and you don’t fit into your OWN life anymore!

You’re worried that you’re affecting your daughter (or you realize you already have!).

You feel disconnected and you KNOW there is SOMETHING more out there for you, but you just can’t put your finger on what “it” is. If you are solo, work has become your life and it doesn’t feel fulfilling at this point.

You feel stuck in your life and relationships. You keep making the same mistakes over and over again, but you’re not sure why.
You have lost that passion, sensuality and desire you once had, OR you have never felt this way and you want to change it.

You’re a spiritual woman (in the metaphysical or non-traditional sense), but again, you feel disconnected from yourself and your spirituality.

And self-care? Self-care schmelf-care! Who has time for that? Not you!

Where do YOU come in? Where DO you fit into YOUR OWN life? You don’t!

You are too busy trying to get “it” all done. You don’t reach out for support very much and you have a hard time receiving (love, money, joy, support, etc…)
You know there has to be more to life than this daily rut of a routine, but you’re just not sure where or how to start getting back to YOU—or learn who you are now that you have a little bit of space to figure it out.

You also want more than anything to feel confident, happy, and loving. You also know that in order for this to happen, you have to get yourself together and do a bit of healing, first.

You realize that your lack self-love but you’re not sure how to embody it.

  • Imagine a life where you are living from a place of joy, confidence, and peace!

  • Imagine releasing blocks that keep you stuck in life

  • Imagine finding passion and claiming  your Divine Feminine Power.

  • Imagine manifesting your true desires and feeling more connected to yourself and your loved ones.

  • Imagine connecting to your truest self and igniting that sensual spark you once had

  • Imagine raising children (if you have them) who feel self-assured, independent, happy with who they are, and who feel connected to you.

  • Imagine feeling empowered to speak your truth in hard situations.

  • Imagine feeling connected to your body and actually accepting it.

It IS possible to have this and SO much more!

I know this is true because my clients and I have been there and I’ve seen massive shifts and transformation in all of us!

I have moved through to the other side of the stress, overwhelm, guilt, shame, passionlessness (is that a word?) and fear.

I’ve learned so much about myself through mistakes I’ve made and my children. Continue reading to learn more…


I used to be an extremely anxious and worried woman. I turned into a worried mother and as a result, I began raising a worried and fearful daughter. When I looked at my beautiful daughter, I KNEW I was the root of her anxiety. It became obvious to me when one day, my parenting mentor said, “Nobody wants an anxious mom.” I could not agree more.

Right after my first daughter’s birth, I felt paranoid that she would follow in my footsteps by developing an eating disorder in childhood that would last through her college years.

Ava baby

I was terrified she would make the same dysfunctional choices that I had made in my 20′s, putting herself into unsafe situations with men just to feel connected and loved, if only for a moment. I felt overwhelmed, guilty, and afraid for her.

Our girls have a way of unconsciously showing us our greatest fears–even at the time of birth.

I’ve always prided myself on my willingness to transform into the next version of me. I’ve explored my spiritual side in more ways than you can imagine. I’ve been in and out of therapy since age 20. I’ve read umpteen hundreds of self-help books.

But I’ve learned more about my TRUE self through the eyes of my daughter than from all of these things put together.

The most important lesson she’s taught me is that she’s watching me carefully and copying me. I’m THE most important role model in her life. I impact her on a deeper level than anyone else in the world. That’s a huge responsibility, but it’s the truth.

My mind was always chattering away. I lived in victim mode. I was anxious. I was NOT the calm, cool, and collected mom that I wanted to be and that she deserved. In fact, I wasn’t even happy. Sure, I was grateful and thrilled to be a mom, but I knew a piece of me was missing.
I was not claiming my power or allowing the truth of who I was to shine through.

Figuring this out was the wake-up call I needed to eliminate the chaos in my mind and work on the harmonious life we both deserved.
With help from my own personal mentor, I healed shame, stopped worrying about being judged by others and started living my life with confidence.

As I began to release my anxiety, the amount of anxiety I passed down to her became more apparent in her behaviors. I felt guilty, but instead of dwelling on it, I decided to do something about it. I  helped her by deeply connecting with her, teaching her the body-centering, energetic and mindset, spiritual, and meditations practices I used to heal my own anxiety and shame and the same ones I currently use to help clients heal on a deep level today.

When my self-confidence began to rise, I noticed a shift in her as well. She became more light-hearted, happier, open and confident. She would dance around and she was more playful with me. She went from feeling terrified to speak in front of others to dancing and singing on stage in front of 100 people!
It was magical. I knew I was on to something big: If I could pass down my own worry and fear to my daughter, then I can also pass down my sense of freedom, happiness, love and power.

The epiphany was life-changing. I realized the decisions I make impact everyone around me, specifically my now nine-year-old daughter.

I learned:

When I shame myself, she carries my shame into her life.
When I feel confident, she has the freedom to express herself with confidence.
When I speak my truth and I’m vulnerable, she has permission to speak out and be vulnerable as well.
When I open up and allow myself to receive love, money and joy, she will follow suit.
When I shine my light into the world, she’s given the space to shine her own light, too.

My daughter has been a gift to me. She has shown me how to live authentically. She has reflected back to me the woman that I truly am and who I want to be in the world. In return, I’ve given her the gift of reflection as well.

When she looks at me as I stand in my power, use my voice, and share compassion and love in the world, she can see her true essence through my eyes too.

I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be. But I strive to be the woman I want my daughter to become and I can help you do the same!

No matter what your issues, struggles, or past, I CAN help you transform and manifest the life and relationships that you want. I can help you make the big changes you desire to stop living the hum-drum or sucky life you feel you’re living. I can help you transform into your TRUE self—the one you want to be in order to teach your daughter what being a woman really looks like.

It is our responsibility as women to live OUR best lives, to feel connected to the truth of who we are, to feel connected spiritually and in our partnerships in order to show our girls HOW to be self-confident and empowered women as they grow.

So, you can stay stuck in the rut you are currently in, doing the same things and getting the same results OR you can find the courage within to make a commit to yourself and your daughter to create the lives that you BOTH deserve and are meant to live!


  • YOU have the power to manifest and create your own life and relationships. You get to choose what your daughter sees and how she begins to create her own life. She is watching and learning from you.

  • All women and children deserve to be seen and heard.

  • When you HEAL and feel spiritually connected and step into the highest vibration and version of yourself, you can clearly see the essence of your daughter as well.

  • Self-Care, self-love, and embodiment are keys to designing the life you desire and clearing the path for your daughter to live her own life.
    Heal the past by tuning into the body. Release deep emotional wounds through divine feminine movement. Live in gratitude and the present. Light your future your daughter’s.

  • You MUST put yourSELF #1 in your OWN life to heal, release, and manifest the life you desire. Your daughter will follow in your footsteps.

  • It’s time for you to slow down,  shed the old ways of being and doing life, shift old limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, and heal your childhood and generational issues, so their daughters have the FREEDOM to be who they were born to be. You deserve this. Your daughter deserves this.

  • Generational change starts with you.

  • Rituals and ceremonies will take you deeper within and help shed the layers to uncover the truth of who you are.

Who Am I, Really?

Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW
Somatic Psychospiritual Counselor & Speaker

I believe you are an innately powerful woman, but you struggle to see your hidden beauty and gifts due to unhealthy stories and patterns that were passed down generationally, and a lifetime of being judged, shamed, violated, or abused by others.
You may even feel guilty because you’re passing (or have passed) the same issues down to your own daughter.
I also believe YOU have the power to change and create the life and relationships you desire when you are willing to seek support to heal those difficult childhood memories that creep up on you when you least expect them!
I have a Masters degree, specialized training, and 17 years of hands-on professional experience in helping women all over the world let go of the past and create the lives and relationships they love.


Not only am I the mom of 3 amazing children, but I also have a Master’s degree in Social Work-Direct Practice and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Somatic Psychospiritual Counselor, and Speaker.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve counseled and coached moms and children (ages 4-18) through some very difficult situations and life transitions.

I’ve helped moms stop worrying, become more confident in their decisions, actions, and speaking up for themselves. I’ve helped them connect more deeply to the heart of who they are and their bodies, as well as spiritually, with their husbands, and daughters.

I’ve introduced practices to help them create rituals around self-care and to put themselves first guilt-free!

Altar Self-CareI’ve  offered them tools to help them connect and communicate with their daughters and partners, and live life from their deepest desires.
I’ve helped children and women become more confident, heal emotional trauma, and create new and improved relationships with their parents and children.

For years, I’ve educated parents about child development and the new paradigm of parenting, as I’ve helped them heal their own generational patterns.

I know how to communicate with children AND adults, and I can help you do the same. I have the intuitive gift of getting to the root cause of what’s causing you to struggle in your life and relationships to help you shift into the desired direction.

I have a deep understanding of emotions and unconscious feelings, where they are coming from and how to release them—even when you may not be able to see this for yourself. I also use my keen intuition to guide you, as I offer you the very best practices and tools to support you in creating the changes you want to make in your life, while helping you learn to trust yourself and your own intuition.

If my story and work resonates with you and you’re tired of feeling stuck, sad, anxious, and shame, then it’s time to reach out for support. I offer a FREE 20-minute session to see how I can support you. I only accept clients I truly feel that I can help. Contact me:


 Results my clients have experienced through working with me include:

  • MASSIVE self-transformation and manifestations

  • Happiness and self-confidence

  • Ability to speak the truth and set boundaries with her partner or husband

  • More connected to intuition and self

  • Closer relationships with daughters and partners

  • New communication tools to use with their daughters and partners

  • Ability to trust self and decisions

  • MORE time for imperative self-care

  • Learned NEW rituals and core routines to stay grounded

  • Less stress, overwhelm, and worry

  • Inner peace and more patience with themselves and their daughters

  • More connection to their kids, no matter what their ages

  • Stronger relationships with their husbands and partners

  • More joy and freedom in their lives

  • Greater connection to their bodies

  • Quicker releases of fear, sadness, and anger

  • Big shifts in unhealthy patterns and the creation of new patterns that you’re proud to pass down to your daughter

  • Less guilt


I provide powerful, effective, individualized, and unique body-centering and divine feminine dance healing—which includes mindfulness, emotional healing, mindset shifting, energetic releases, spiritual practices (non-religious), guided visualizations, and divine feminine dance—to you through online and local (Austin, TX) private and group programs.

I’m currently accepting clients to the next round of the local (Austin, TX) Divine Feminine Motherhood Course that starts March 2017.
Payment Plans Available (contact


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In the midst of being practicing her soul’s work, Dawn continues to be the chief carpooler, lunch maker, and Present + nurturing Mom at home with her supportive husband and three phenomenal children.

  • Dawn K. Gibson

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