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Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW helps you Be the Woman You Want Your Daughter to Become™ through healing generational patterns, trauma, and childhood issues you don’t want to pass down to your daughter! Dawn is also the Founder and Creator of Warrior Girls Rising™, a program to help preteen and teenage girls love themselves in mind, body, and spirit so they can become the next generation of powerful, confident, and compassionate female leaders.

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Your daughter needs you more than ever right now!
She is faced with so many challenging issues in this fast-paced world, so it’s up to you to help her navigate life and relationships in a healthy way, but it all starts with YOU!!

I am gifted at helping you bring your crap to the surface so you can see how it’s messing up your life and relationships and you can make big changes! It’s time to break the chains of emotional pain and trauma for the next generation of women…our daughters.
As a result of our work together, you’ll embody confidence, feel more grounded, and you’ll experience more connection to yourself, your partner, and children, and spiritually.
You’ll also be more equipped to raise your self-confident and connected daughter to feel the same!

You’ve come to the right place if you desire to…

  • Heal deeply and break generational patterns that you don’t want to model or pass down to your daughter.

  • Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Shift your relationship with your body so you can model and pass down healthy body image to your daughter.

  • Find yourself again…reignite your passion and learn who you are AS A WOMAN…separate from your spouse, partner, or children.

  • Learn to connect with your mind, body, soul, sensuality, intuition, and access the truth of who you are, so your daughter can do the same.

  • Create more connection and stronger boundaries with your daughter,  partner, or husband.

  • Speak up rather than stay quiet or feel squashed in your life and relationships.

  • Learn to receive love, money, joy, connection, etc…on a deeper level.


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 Love Notes

“I went from experiencing depression, self-doubt, and being totally in a seemingly endless pattern of self-sabotage, to realizing the critical importance of self-care. 
Instead of self-medicating to fill the void, I began filling myself up with self-care.
 I’ve also gained the self-confidence to speak my truth in my challenging relationship.” —C. U.

“Dawn has an amazing gift. She listens with compassion and she’s truly present and offers support no matter what the issue. She is every day in my gratitude, and she knows her stuff! I think that everyone should be so lucky to work with Dawn.”—K. S.


Stop wasting time feeling stuck in anger, sadness, or fear.

I know you don’t want to live this way and you certainly don’t want this for your daughter!

Start creating the life and relationships you want…NOW and BE the woman you want your daughter to become!

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